Shopping for a grill

There are several types of grills. You should choose your grill like you choose a computer. How do you plan to use it.

Do you only cook fast and furious?

Are you mor Jimmy Buffet than guns and roses?

Are you a novice?

Three styles three grills:

If your a guns and Roses got to have it now guy. Gas grills are your goal. You can light it and burn your meat in only a few minutes.

We recommend the Lion grill. It comes in only two flavors the 75,000 and 90,000 BTU grill. It has cast stainless burners and a lifetime warranty.

If your more Jimmy Buffet, slow relaxed hand me another beer kind of guy.

Primo is your grill. It uses charcoal, has the advantage of cooking however you cook and will last 20 years. You can cook anything your friends cook on and egg or Komodo but when you visit them you will realize yours is better.

And last but not least: the novice.

You don’t know anything but want to grill. The Green Mountain pellet grill is your savior. You google how to cook the meat you bought on sale. Rub it with some VIPER rub from Street’s and put it on the grill.

Download the app link to your grill set the temp. Push the meat probe in set your desired temp and watch your game. Let the grill tell you when it’s done. Pull your meat and enjoy the compliments.

Three grills for three styles. Yes we offer more options but I only had a few lines to define the differences. Visit Streets to learn more.

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