Niven Morgan Candles

Dallas-based fragrance designer Niven Morgan travels the world capturing the essence of exotic locales to serve as the spirit of his luxury line of products.



Aspen Oakmoss & Myrrh

Snow-kissed cabins with crackling fires, crisp mountain mornings, and picture perfect skies. Niven Morgan’s Aspen candle evokes the exotic blend of Oakmoss, Myrrh, and rich embers to create a sensually smooth aroma. Experience the magic of the mountainside with every burn. 11 ounces | Approximately 60 hour burn time


Chiang Rai Hilltop Forest

Awaken your senses with aromas of rich woods, green forest and fresh air. Niven Morgan’s Chiang Rai candle is a zen forest, high on a hilltop, where Mother Nature’s beauty flourishes and provides seclusion and peace. 11 ounces | Approximately 60 hour burn time


New Orleans Gardenia & Jasmine

Niven Morgan’s New Orleans candle distills the dreamy ambiance of the Vieux Carré — the night scented with jasmine-covered gates that open to secluded courtyards and candle-lit salons where all things are possible.
11 ounces | Approximately 60 hour burn time