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Ignorance isn’t bliss. When it comes to the things we purchase – items we touch, carry, wear and interact with each day – knowing where they came from and what they’re made of is always better than not knowing.

Why we chose vegan leather

The reason we at Joy Susan ultimately chose vegan leather as our material of choice (and why we hope you will, too) is because vegan leather is fashion with a conscience. It’s every bit as good as genuine leather, and we think that once you try it, you’ll never go back – and you won’t be missing anything.

So what is it?

Joy Susan’s vegan leather bags are made of 100% pure polyurethane (PU), a synthetic material with no animal products or by-products whatsoever. It’s a material we’re experienced in working with, and out of many artificial leather options, polyurethane’s rich texture and versatility give it the edge. Some vegan leathers, for example, incorporate fibrous hides in an attempt to simulate a more leather-like feel. At Joy Susan, we never do this – and we never have to, because with expert design and careful attention to details, it’s difficult to tell our bags from genuine leather.

And when it comes to versatility, polyurethane reigns supreme. It can be finished with an eye-catching sparkle or a glossy sheen, and it can be saturated in a range of colors that put leather to shame. So if you’ve got a favorite shade, Joy Susan has it – we’ve been able to generate polyurethane in almost 100 different colors.