Wedding, Groomsmen and Bridesmaids Gifts


We offer custom wedding, bridesmaid, and groomsmen gifts.  Some of the unique and fun gifts we have to offer are below.  Many more to choose from, call us or stop on in.


 It’s your big day, but there are so many friends and family members who deserve applause. Show your appreciation with beautiful monogrammed gifts. Not sure who to buy for? Just about everyone, Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Bridezilla…


Maid of Honor
Let’s face it, she deserves a new car after what you’ve put her through. However, she will no doubt be delighted with a monogrammed tray. It’s a perfect resting spot for her jewelry, perfume, makeup and what little patience she has left after taking care of you. With any luck she will one day forget the tantrum at the flower shop, the tears at the bakery, the fact you asked her to lose 10 pounds and spent her entire rent check on booze and a limo for the bachelorette party.

Best Man and Groomsmen
He may not have always been your favorite, but he’s promised to get your big guy to the church on time, sign as a witness on your license, hold a reasonably tasteful bachelor party, and give a toast that he swears won’t embarrass you. You know he may not live up to all of those promises, but a set of monogrammed cufflinks shows your future groom that you really are making an effort to like him. The groomsmen and ushers will also look great in these.

These girls worked hard day and night to keep up with demands that included addressing invitations and crafting shower favors. Never mind the fact that they lied about liking those hideous dresses you picked out for them to wear. Say thank you while keeping them organized on your big day with monogrammed Zip pouch Wristlets or the Cabana Cosmetic Bags.


Flower Girls
These tots may be too young to appreciate a trinket of appreciation, but they will look extra adorable walking down the aisle in pearl acrylic monogrammed necklaces.

Ring Bearer
The ring bearer is pretty important when you think about it. He’s carrying the most important thing in the room. Hopefully, you’ve chosen someone good at keeping up with things. Give him this monogrammed backpack so he can practice toting things around before the big day arrives.