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Closed Sundays

Lovepop Card Dragon


The hunter green cover of this fiery pop-up card features a laser-cut dragon egg. Full of spectacular and wonderfully intricate details, the cover hints at the incredible pop-up inside.

Inside lives the legendary fire-breathing creature you've all been waiting for. Our 3D dragon pops up and out of the card with an impressive stature you have to see to believe.

Seriously, how did Joe get this huge dragon inside of a perfectly folded card? We assume some magic was involved.

We are talking dragons after all.

Inspiration for the Dragon Pop-Up Card:
Our lead Card Engineer, Joe, had the following to say about the dragon design and inspiration process:

"The Dragon card had a unique start when in the concept stage. The original sketches consisted of a friendly cartoon dragon and also a more life-like version.

During our design meetings, the direction was split 50/50 between the two choices. The argument for the friendly cartoon dragon was that it would appeal to young kids by not being a scary dragon with teeth. Others thought the more realistic dragon would be a bigger hit with adults.

Ultimately we decided that the more life like dragon would include more details and be a more powerful card overall. We believed that the intricateness of the card would still appeal to kids, even if the dragon was a little scary.

The first few prototypes included only the body and wings. We kept it simple at first as we worked to figure out the new method of folding for the dragon wings. Even though construction was slice-form, it was set at an angle. The calculations of how the wings would fold in were more complicated than figuring out how a boat or car would fold.

When we finally figured it out, a new folding method called “dragon-fold” was added to the Lovepop fold library. The engineers on our team were amazed when they first opened the card but this amazement did not translate to the non-engineers on our team.

The reaction was not quite the same.

They did not see the engineering achievement that had just occurred.

It’s ok. Not everyone gets excited by the bare bones of a few white pieces of engineered paper.

However once the dragon received his color, scales, fire breathing head, and the vellum in between the wings, that is when the same person was truly amazed and could now see the full potential of possibilities with this new folding style.

“Let’s make a bat! And an eagle! OMG, what else can we create?!!”

Ideas were spinning. I'm excited to see what we do with this fold next."

Occasions for the Dragon Pop-up Card:
This card is blank so let your imagination run wild with uses for this pop-up. Give it to your friend who is a tab too obsessed with Game of Thrones. Or send the dragon to that friend who is constantly getting roasted by the squad. Also, a nice (anonymous) way to tell someone to do something about that dragon breath.

Perfect for birthdays and when you need to say sorry for being a little tough to deal with or for accidentally setting fire to something you shouldn't have.

Truly, the possibilities are endless.

The Dragon Pop-up Card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall

One legendary Lovepop with one blank envelope and the Lovepop Note, a little note card that tucks away with your own personal touch.