Outdoor Kitchen Design

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen


At Street’s we offer a full BBQ design service for your Outdoor Kitchen. We help customers design their dream Outdoor Kitchen, whether for a single built-in BBQ or for fully equipped Kitchens. In addition, we have skilled partners who can construct any Shelter, Patio, Fireplace, Firepit, or kitchen that you can dream.


The design of your Outdoor Kitchen can be as simple or
as elaborate as any indoor kitchen. In fact there isbuilding plans
more scope to include items such as a wood-fired oven as there is natural ventilation.





Questions to consider when designing an Outdoor Kitchen


How to Cook

  • Are you looking for a Gas or Charcoal BBQ or a multi fuel BBQ? Fire Magic has a system for using gas and charcoal in the same BBQ allowing you to have a separate gas section from a charcoal section. The gas allows the charcoal to be accelerated to cooking temperature quickly and the combination of fuels means you can experience an authentic charcoal grill within the same BBQ..
  • If you prefer Gas, Is it bottled or mains/natural gas? Fire Magic can use either with minor adaption.
  • What do you like to cook? Burgers and sausages or more ambitious meals containing joints of meat, whole chickens etc? This can alter the size of BBQ that would suit you best or the components that would best enhance your outdoor kitchen such as burners, rotisserie kit etc.
  • How many people will you entertain? What BBQ size do you require? There are different widths of outdoor grills available and we can make a recommendation based on your needs.
  • How far away is the Indoor Kitchen from the Outdoor Kitchen? Consider storage, servery, cabinets etc. During initial planning it is beneficial to consider your storage options, server area, available cabinets etc. Many of these can be integrated into your outdoor kitchen if you prefer.


  • Identify your outdoor area for construction
  • Consider element exposure (sun, wind direction, weather etc.)
  • Will it accommodate your preferred bbq size and style
  • We can help you decide on what utilities you will need for your ideal Outdoor Kitchen


  • Foundation – Concrete
  • Base – Brick, Stone, Concrete, Timber (with insulating liner)
  • Countertop – Tile, Granite, Marble, Concrete

design an outdoor kitchenOutdoor Kitchen Accessories

  • Side burner, Searing Station
  • Power burner
  • Outdoor rated refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Beverage centre, Bar caddy, Blender
  • Warming Drawers
  • Storage
  • Lighting

Other Considerations

  • Safety and Security
  • Neighbours
  • Services such as gas, water, waste and electricity
  • Ventilation if under a cover


To aid you in your own project, please take a look at our ‘Building Plans’ brochure for a guide on planning your project. Our Fire Magic brochure can be downloaded here, and for more information and a no obligation quote, please call us on 251-990-0901 or email at streets@bellsouth.net



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